Eco-Friendly Printing Font: Ecofont, Saves 20% On Printer Ink & Toner

by kevin on March 10, 2014

ecofont save printer ink

A Font that Saves Printer Ink – If you are trying to save money on printer ink, the first thing that comes to mind might be to buy generic, brand name compatible ink instead of the genuine, “OEM” variety like Canon that is overpriced and comes directly from the manufacturer. After that, buying an efficient printer makes a lot of sense, as I’m sure you’ve heard that printers waste a lot of ink.

fonts and burgers with holesI recently came across an article about a Dutch company, Ecofont, that had the brilliant idea to create an actual font that conserves ink. (Those crazy Dutch also invented the telescope, submarine, and pendulum clock!)

How is this done? Basically the font is similar to Verdana, a widely uses sans-serif font on-screen, but when printed it is filled with little holes, like swiss cheese or a White Castle hamburger. (They say it’s for “even cooking,” but it also happens to save them a lot of meat!) The idea is that letters with little holes in the middle use about 20% less ink, and really aren’t very noticeable at a small font size.

If you do a lot of printing of text and emails, than maybe this is something to consider. It probably wouldn’t save you money if you only print a few pages a week, but if you run a small business, that potential extra 20% savings on ink and toner cost is worth considering. While you have to buy the font family for about $25 or so, I imagine you could make that money back in a week in small office.

printer ink saving font

Here’s their quick overview of this ink-saving font:

Personally, I don’t do enough printing to actually utilize a font like this, but I think it’s really smart for home or small businesses to consider. Personally, I just buy the generic version of ink and toner online at, clickinks, or 4inkjets. (Whichever has the best coupon usually makes it the cheapest online)

font saves printer ink


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