How is Printer Ink Made? This Fascinating Video Shows You How

March 3, 2014
how printer ink made

How is ink manufactured? Maybe it’s not as fun as learning how chocolate bars or beer is made, but there is an incredible science to the art of making 4-color, CMYK, process […]

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What Is ISO 9001 Quality Certification for Ink Cartridges?

February 26, 2014
iso 9001 certification for ink

What are ISO 9001 Quality Standards for Ink? How do you know that the quality and performance of that remanufactured inkjet cartridge you are about to buy is really as good as […]

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Ricoh Ink & Toner Coupons: 10% Discount + Free Shipping

February 20, 2014
ricoh ink toner

10% Off Ricoh-compatible ink coupon for – If you are looking to buy replacement ink for your Ricoh printer, consider the generic version, which can save you up to 50% on […]

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Inkjet vs Laser Printers: Which One Is Better for You?

January 16, 2014
inkjet printer or laser

Inkjet or Laser Printer? There are a plethora of printers on the market for home-use, but which one is right for you? The easy answer is this: If you print mostly black […]

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Brother Coupons: 15% Off Brother Ink & Toner at 4inkjets

January 3, 2014
brother inkjets coupon

Brother Ink Coupons for If you’re looking for cheap Brother Ink or toner, consider buying the generic equivalent, known as “name brand compatible ink.” This ink has to pass the same […]

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10% Off All Name Brand Compatible Ink: Thanksgiving Coupon Code

November 1, 2013
thanksgiving 4inkjets sale

4inkjets Thanksgiving Sale: Did you know that an average Thanksgiving dinner binge can exceed 4000 calories? Not only that, but the average printer gobbles up ink like crazy too. Well, with this […]

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Xerox Ink Coupons: 10% Off Generic Ink & Toner from 4inkjets

October 30, 2013
xerox ink coupons

If you’re looking for cheap Xerox Ink or toner, it’s worth considering the generic alternative called, “compatible ink.” Essentially, this ink is held to the same high standards as name brand Xerox […]

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HP Inkjet Coupons: Generic Hewlett Packard Ink at

October 29, 2013
hp inkjet coupons

Coupons for HP ink from 4inkjets: If you’re looking for cheap HP Ink or toner, consider getting the generic equivalent at a big discount. These “compatible” inkjets are held to the same […]

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