Printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages: Funny and Free to Print

by kevin on October 7, 2014

Free Hanukkah coloring pages (with Jesus)

jesus hanukkah coloring pages

Hanukkah with Jesus Coloring page – Click to print

funny hanukkah coloring page

Make this a teaching moment about Hanukkah

jesus jewish Hanukkah coloring page

Yes, kids. I’m Jewish: Jesus coloring page

Hanukkah with Jesus: Printable coloring pages – Hanukkah can be dangerous, which is why we’ve provided this “Hanukkah is a fire hazard” printable coloring page. Also, Jesus was Jewish, and he probably loved a good Hanukkah party, so why should he be excluded from all of your holiday fun? Print these coloring pages at home for yourself or your kids for minutes of creative fun.

Christmas + Hanukkah = Awesome!

Why only celebrate just Christmas OR Hanukkah when you can celebrate both? Your extra spending on gifts will also help to stimulate the economy, and your kids will have twice the odds of a good afterlife! If you celebrate both holidays, please “like” or share this page.

Funny Chanukkah Coloring pages are free to print…

print hanukkah coloring pages free

Don’t steal copyrighted materials, kids!

Feel free to print out these coloring book pages at home; just don’t reproduce them and try to sell them on t-shirts or you will go to hell.

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