Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: Free, Funny, & Printable

by kevin on October 8, 2014

thanksgiving coloring page pilgrim indian funny

…you’re going to need them

thanksgiving coloring page tom turkey

Tom Turkey is going to die!

turkey printFree Thanksgiving coloring pages -There’s a lot of disturbing things about Thanksgiving, so good thing children are naive! Whether it’s our coloring page featuring a contagious Pilgrim boy and Indian Princess, or the one with Tom Turkey who knows that things aren’t going to end well, we hope that these funny coloring pages distract your kids so that you can do other things this Thanksgiving.

Free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages

Feel free to download and print these coloring pages at home, and have fun coloring them in. (you can even let your kids help out) But please don’t reproduce them without permission. (or you will be screwing me over like I’m a Native American)

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